• Made 100% from only Australian Frantoio olive variety from south NSW. Olives are cold pressed within hours of harvesting as the farm is less than a kilometre from the plant which ensures freshness and flavour. There are no additives or preservatives. We produce a full flavoured oil rich in antioxidants and perfect for dipping, salads and a variety of other cooking applications. 250ml 100% Natural Vegan Vegetarian Preservative Free Gluten Free
  • Spicy, fragrant, delicious, aromatic Extra Virgin Chilli Oil, made from a unique selection of chilli types & more. All ingredients are carefully infused for up to 3 days in high quality Australian Organic Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Perfect over Pizza, Pasta dishes, Stir Fries, Seafood & Meat dishes. 150ml 100% Natural No Added Gluten Preservative Free Vegan

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