Luca’s Philosophy

My Italian heritage and my mama’s cooking
are still my main inspiration.

Cucina is the Italian word for kitchen and cuisine, as we use the same word for different meanings.

Cucina as kitchen is where I spend and have spent most of my life, not only at work, but of course in my household with my family and friends. It’s a warm and relaxing place for me, and there’s nothing better for me than cooking for those closest to me. The love I have for food and cooking manages to bring everyone around a common table, which unfortunately for many people these days, is a rare occurence.

Cucina as cuisine becomes quite complicated and philosophical in my opinion. Classic, regional and modern are all examples of present cuisines. I strongly believe that there’s a meal for every occasion, with various cuisines each having their own individual place. The best meal I’ve had in my life didn’t come necessary from a Michelin starred restaurant, but has been from a great and understated combination of atmosphere, location, good company and, of course, memorable food, drinks and service.

I describe my cooking as simple, fresh and seasonal, with different approaches called upon dependent on the occasion.

I love experimenting with new ideas and products, and continually challenging myself to extend on the knowledge of food I have gained throughout my years of cooking.

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Luca consults for restaurants, hotels, magazines brands in Australia and around the world,
providing guidance and assistance in their daily operations, as well as part of his ambassador roles

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