Keep it simple, fresh and especially seasonal
is my main philosophy.

Quite often, a perfect location and a great look for a restaurant do not guarantee success. I believe you must stick to the basics- food seasonality, excellent produce selection and professional, knowledgeable staff.

I endeavour to create harmony between my food and surroundings. I like to be traditional as it is embedded in my heritage, but I also like to combine it with innovation and individual creativity, inspired my worldwide travels and experiences.

The simple formula I adopt in setting up a restaurant operation is as follows:

– Location research
– Products and produce selection
– Supplier selection
– Use of recipe cards
– Kitchen staff training
Wait staff training


I also provide consultancy to major Brands, providing local market knowledge in Food Service area, where I liaise and find the suitable distributor to represent and match the brand needs. It’s very important for any Brand entering a new market to have a good understanding of it and partner with the best distributor. I set up training for distributors and their sales force with all marketing and product knowledge I have to empower them with the correct tools needed to be successful going to market.

Do you need help?

Luca consults for restaurants, hotels, magazines brands in Australia and around the world,
providing guidance and assistance in their daily operations, as well as part of his ambassador roles

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