• Spicy, fragrant, delicious, aromatic Extra Virgin Chilli Oil, made from a unique selection of chilli types & more. All ingredients are carefully infused for up to 3 days in high quality Australian Organic Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Perfect over Pizza, Pasta dishes, Stir Fries, Seafood & Meat dishes. 150ml 100% Natural No Added Gluten Preservative Free Vegan
  • Chef Luca Ciano new cookbok Luca's Culinary Journey
    Luca’s new cookbook highlights his adventure to become an international chef showcasing a home cooking style, growing up in Italy. From his mother and grandmother to life in a different time in Milan, Italy and holidays at Lake Como. He tells of moving to London and then to Australia to establish himself to be one of the most credible chefs on Italian cuisine. Easy home style cooking with beautiful photography and photos from Luca’s childhood.
  • Italian food is all about simple, fresh and seasonal choices. Multi-award winning Chef Luca Ciano has applied these three rules in his first ever cook book titled Luca's Seasonal Journey. Growing up in Italy with the four seasons affecting his family’s eating habits, it made perfect sense for Luca to write a cook book based on these Seasons. Each season is such a special time of the year for life and food, and in this beautifully photographed book, the chapters are divided into Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring, with each season having a personal narrative from Luca Ciano describing specific memories of why that season is so special to him. It has always been essential for Luca Ciano to think of specific food, ingredients and a cooking style applicable to every season, which is why in Luca's Seasonal Journey the ingredients are the stars, with the delicious traditional Italian recipes working around them. Full of appealing homemade Italian recipes to whip up for the family, as well as personal family stories, Luca's Seasonal Journey is the perfect gift for loved ones!
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    With its characteristic shape, Panettone is the specialty Christmas cake of Milan with an ancient and noble tradition.
    Technically it is a type of sweet bread loaf; It is made during a long process that involves the curing of the dough, which is acidic, like sourdough. The proofing process alone takes several days, giving the cake its distinctive fluffy characteristics. It contains candied orange peels and raisins, which are added dry and not soaked. It is served sliced, vertically cut, accompanied with sweet hot beverages or sweet wines.
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  • Pappardelle

    Made with the best Australian flours, lots of eggs, oil and salt, just like authentic fresh pasta is meant to be, SIMPLE! No added water and no additives or preservatives. The high egg content and great quality flour provides a great yield, a silky luxurious texture and rich flavour. Thinly rolled, designed to cook in a few minutes and to melt in your mouth for an authentic experience. Chef Luca Ciano’s Fresh Egg Pasta range is created to suit all pasta dishes to be enjoyed and shared with family and friends. 300g Net 100% Natural Additive and Preservative Free

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